Many urban people believe that the world ends at the outskirts of town. Yet, in my own experience, this is not so.

Many years ago, I traveled to Lima, Peru, where I grew up in the 1950s and '60s. While there, I visited my father, who is from Huarochiri, one of ten provinces in the department of Lima. [The latter is one of twenty-four departments in Peru]. As was my father's custom, he invited me for an outing. After a little more than three hours, we reached the town of Antioquia, about 80 km east of Lima. The place, however, is largely unknown, because a lack of a paved road discourages most people from reaching it.

That evening I met some friends at a party. One of them asked me: How are you doing?" I said: Fine, I just came back from Antioquia." To which he solemnly responded: "There is no Antioquia here!"


Rio Rimac at San Mateo, Huarochiri, Lima, Peru

Rio Rimac at San Mateo, Huarochiri, Lima, Peru.