In July 2002, my wife Jane and I visited Palenque, in Chiapas, Mexico. After spending a few hours at the site, we took a taxi back to the bus station. I inquired with the driver, whose nickname was "El Torito," about his fare and the time to drive us to Agua Azul Falls, which I knew was reasonably close to Palenque. He said it would be 500 pesos round trip and it would take less than two hours to get there.

To be difficult, I said: "We will go only if you promise to take us to the place where Ana Perez 1, the well known Mexican actress, almost fell to her death, only to be saved by (the also well known Mexican actor) Juan Lopez 1 in the nick of time."

El Torito said: "I will take you to the very place where Ms. Perez fell and was saved by Un servidor (the Mexican way of referring to himself)." Puzzled, I asked him to explain.

He said that he moonlighted as taxi driver, but that his real job was as location specialist for TV Azteca. He said that he was with the ill-fated party at the time of the accident. That indeed, while filming on location at the top of the falls, Ana slipped and almost fell to her death. He said that she clung to a safety rope as he pulled her up, only to be aided, moments later, by Juan, who was standing a short distance from them.

1 Actual names have been altered to protect confidentiality.
Closeup of Agua Azul Falls, Chiapas, Mexico

Closeup of Agua Azul Falls, Chiapas, Mexico.